17 November 2011

A Test Balloon of Snarkiness

Inspired by my sweet (and not-at-all-sarcastic) sensibilities, I decided it's time to start blogging.  So, here goes.  The first thing we (yes, that's the Regal We.  What about it?) need to know is what our loyal subjects (you) think about the title... and more importantly, the choice of logos / pictures below.

Have at it.

With "is the new black" centred along the curve of the S?

Or with "is the new black" aligned with the bottom of the S?
See?  Apparently I'm so ADD or OCD or just plan damned lacking in sense / confidence that I can't even decide THAT.  I keep wavering.  But now I think I like it with the text on the curve.


  1. on the curve ;) And I'm looking forward to your snarkiness.

  2. The SnarkMaestra's baby sister has taste... and I think we need t-shirts. And maybe coffee mugs.